Managers, Administrators and Team Leaders 

Are you looking for a unique corporate team-building event for your group or department?  Do you want to reward your team for a job well-done?  Maybe you’re looking to eliminate areas of weakness and create a higher level of cooperation and team spirit.

Consider a hands-on cooking class where everyone gathers around the table at the conclusion to enjoy the results of their work in the kitchen. Classes are high-energy, challenging and nurture an environment of working together as a group.

Corporate Team-Building Cooking Events can be a powerful way to unite a group and develop strengths. When these exercises are planned and executed strategically, they will help improve performance in the areas of problem solving, creativity, focus and communication.  As teams work together, rather than individually, their goal will be to produce a delicious meal that they will then relax and enjoy together.

I will meet with team managers individually so we can customize each event to meet the specific needs of your staff and department.

Corporate Team-Building Cooking Classes are an exciting and delicious way of bringing people together! 

Classes will be held in the beautiful teaching kitchen of the Complete Wellness Arts & Science Center located at 1515 Kensington Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14215

Do something great for your team!